Seasons change but keep on riding…

· It's so much colder, but it was no surprise ·

Last week we finally got out on a big ride. This Fall has been a great time to ride. Weather has been amazing. However, it will get cold – it’s inevitable. Check out a great company that focuses on outdoor clothing called C2 – for your life outdoors. (I just happen to design and develop the website.)

What I love about C2 is that they focus on warmth so you can stay outside doing what you love all winter long. Last season I was able to ride all the way through the new year into Spring. I never put the bike down – it was incredible! It seems hard to imagine riding in the cold but if you have warmer clothing for cold weather you can stay out all year round.

Here are a few of my favorites – Womens Elite Half Zip Power WoolUndertop Power Stretch®, and my all time favorite tights that I wear all the time riding – Extreme Tights Power StretchⓇ – Grey.

So get out and enjoy being outdoors as long as you can! Ride on!!