Crushing Goals

I started cycling back in 2013 when I met Brian. He has been an avid cyclist for over 30 years. We started riding together (me slowly haha!) and I realized after the first season I wanted to keep riding. I now own two bikes.

I bought my first bike at Papa Wheelies in Portsmouth, NH. It’s a Specialized Hybrid. LOVE it! I use it to ride around my town and on trails. Brian bought me my first road bike when I turned 40 – a Trek Lexa. Beautiful bike. This bike has helped me crush my goals.

Featured below is Brian and I training for my first event a few years ago – The Prouty. It was my first big ride – 35 miles. It was an amazing event and inspired me to keep riding in these events.

Would love to hear about your adventures and when you started riding and how it makes you feel? If you’re interested in riding – buy a hybrid and just start around town, neighborhoods and on local trails.  #rideon

Brian and I just finishing the Prouty – 35 miles – July 2014.