I discovered an amazing place this past weekend; the area I grew up…

It was a morning of nostalgia as I watched Cassidy play lacrosse against my hometown (Bedford, MA).

Since we had some time to hangout before her next game, Brian and I decided to ride around that area. The route we took was from Chelmsford to Bedford.

As we started riding, I realized something, I had never really discovered the area I grew up in. As a teenager I would drive my car everywhere with friends not really paying attention to what surrounds me.  As Brian and I were riding, I had realized which road I was on and it looked completely different to me.

There were so many beautiful country roads in the back streets of where I grew up. I have never taken advantage of the beauty that surrounded me all of those years…until now!

We rode 32 miles and had such a great ride learning about a place I lived majority of my life. Get out and ride around your area, you will see your area in a whole new way!