Magical Sedona

A few weeks ago I visited Sedona, AZ. If you haven’t been to Sedona, you must! It is the most beautiful place to mediate, unwind, rejuvenate and explore. We stayed in the village of Oak Creek Canyon which is a river gorge located in northern Arizona between the cities of Flagstaff and Sedona. The canyon is often described as a smaller cousin of the Grand Canyon because of its scenic beauty. It truly is a magnificent place.

This area is a mountain bikers paradise and we decided to be one of them. Brian (my BF) has been a mountain biker for over 30 years, so of course he was way more advanced on the trails. I rode with him one day for 5 miles. I rode bike mostly as mountain biking is still a bit of a challenge but as we all know, practice makes perfect!

If you ever get a chance to get out to Sedona, it is beyond worth it. It is the most magical place. We stayed at the Canyon Villa Bed & Breakfast in the Village of Oak Creek. Les and Peg are the wonderful owners and they made our stay amazing.