Riding for the Mind

I started riding over three and a half years ago on a hybrid bike. The last time I was on a bike was as a child. Starting out it was mentally and physically challenging, especially when you haven’t been on a bike for years. The second season approached and I rode longer and a bit faster. The third season, Brian bought me my first road bike –  I was beyond hooked and I haven’t looked back.

After a long, hard ride on my road bike, the sensation is amazing. You feel exhausted but content at the same time. I always sleep well after a ride. No matter how long it is, I always get a great feeling of contentment and accomplishment.

A great way to start riding is to buy what we call our “fun bike.” They are a mix between a mountain bike and a road bike. Then you will need a helmet – always important to keep your noggin safe.

Now throw your leg over it, go out and ride some trails around your town and you will experience life. This is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.