Teaching your kids basic bike maintenance…

Last weekend we had a blast teaching the girls how to do some maintenance on their bikes. They had to figure out what PSI was for each tire (pounds per square inch) so they could pump up their tires to the specific number. Pumping up tires can be exhausting but they loved it. After all the bikes were in tip top shape – they took off into the sunset. Wheeeee!

Here are some great bike tips to share with your kids:

1. Before each ride – First you will need a bike pump then make sure the tires are pumped up to the correct PSI. Look on the sidewall of the tire to find a set of numbers. The tires’ pressure should fall in this range.

2. Test the brakes often. While standing press the brake levers to see if the front and rear pads firmly grip the sides of the tires. When your riding, pay attention to any strange noises or you notice stopping requires extra pressure. If that is the case, you may need to get it looked at.

3. Lube up your chain. Relubricate the links from time to time with a chain lubricant. We use WD-40 BIKE Chain Lubricant but there are many to choose from. After you have lubed up the chain, wipe off excess lubricant with a clean, dry rag or towel.

4. Clean your bike. Wipe your bike down from time to time with a glass cleaner and rag.

5. Don’t leave your bike out in the rain. Grab a bike cover or bring it in the house. Your bike will love you for it. It will also have less maintenance.

These tips are a great start to keeping your bike maintained with your kids.