Using Your Bike to Beat Stress!

Last week I rode 62 miles in two days. I was absolutely exhausted. It took me a few days to go back at it as I had physically exhausted myself. With my crazy work schedule, I realize how important it is to get out and ride during the week to de-stress and find my happy place.

So after a few days of not moving. My BF and I got on our bikes for a 24 mile ride around his neck of the woods. I was so much happier when we finished. The stress just melted away and my mind was reset!

If you can’t get out on a big ride, no problem, just hop on your bike for a neighborhood ride with your kids, family/friends or by yourself to just reset your mind. Being outside on a beautiful night biking is the best place to be.

I found a great article on ways to beat stress riding your bike.

Would love to hear how you feel before and after your ride.

Ride on!!